The 45th Nail At the end of World War II, more than 79,000 soldiers were still missing and presumed dead. My uncle, Sgt. James Savorski of the 36th engineers, was listed as missing in action on May 25, 1944 at Anzio. Some time after the war he was declared dead, killed in the line of duty. Genre: Historical Fiction. Book Title: The 45th Nail. Author: Ian Lahey. ISBN-13: 978-1633200326

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The 45th Nail

My trip to Italy

August 1988

A Bulla, made by the Etruscans. A "Madonnaro",a street artist.
The "noble contrada" of the goose, Siena. A package from Anzio...
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My uncle, Sgt. James Savorski

MIA in Anzio in 1944, and declared dead. Until...

...I got a Christmas card from him

and then a strange package...

After 44 years... how had he lived?

I had to find out, so I went to Italy to look for him...

...and quickly got my luggage and all my money


"I'm on my own, trying to keep my demons down."

"God shouldn't give us guns and mines, and then go off and leave us."

Some things are buried underground. Others much deeper, in people's hearts.


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